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     Roof cleaning is the process of removing algae, mold, and moss from roofs. Cleaning can extend the duration of a roof's ability to function. Algae and other types of build-up often form on the north and west parts of roofs that are shaded or receive less sun, and can reduce a roof's life expectancy. Moss can cause any roofing material- cedar, asphalt, metal, etc.- to degrade.  It does this by growing under and in between the shingles, which lifts them up and allows for moisture to seep underneath your roof.  Unchecked moisture beneath your roof can lead to a number of problems, including leaks, wood rot, and mold.  The damage caused by extensive moss on roof growth can also mean a shorter lifespan for your roof.

roof cleaning and gutter cleaning

     Roof repair. The roof is arguably the most important component of your house. After all, it keeps water out of the building. And while nobody likes having to pay to replace a roof, the critical and aesthetic function it serves should help ease the pain of spending $8,000 to $20,000 on the work. We can replaced damaged or missing shingles and roof ridges, repair roof flashing, replace or fix damaged roof tiles, locate and eliminate roof leaks, and repair areas destroyed by birds or rodents.

     Plumbing pipe boot replacement. Under constant exposure to the weather elements, with time, the plumbing boots start cracking, braking, and leaking and creating serious damage to your roofing. We can replace the rubber collars that have been damaged or replace the complete pipe boot assembly.

We remove moss by hand with a brush and we don't leave the roof debris in your  driveway or patio. We use zinc sulfate monohydrate to kill the moss and prevent moss from growing and damaging your roof, and also, remove and kill algae. Also, if your house have roof shingle, never use the preassure washer as this may damage the roof.

Roof repair

     Gutters cleaning & repair. Screens installation. Gutter cleaning is a job which is often neglected. Cleaning the eavestroughs is an important task of home ownership which should be performed at least twice a year. If the gutters are clogged, the overflow water can cause damage to the landscaping and foundation around the house. The increased weight can cause the gutters to pull loose, which can lead to rot behind the fascia or trim. We can help you to clean the gutters and keep it clean, replace damaged gutter sections, reattach and secure loose gutter spikes, patch and seal the joints and end caps, extend and add additional downspouts, reattach detached gutters and downspouts.

Fencing contractor

     Fences & gates. Professional Installation and excellent quality at reasonable prices. We build new fences and gates, or repair existing ones, install or adjust latches. We also offer professional fence restoration: power washing, staining and painting.

     Windows & doors installation. Whether you are building a new home or boosting your curb appeal with a remodel, choosing the right new or replacement windows and patio doors can do wonders for your home. Changing windows is not only replacing them with new ones, but also respecting the installation rules, so as not to allow water to enter under the siding.

Siding is a solution for practically any property, providing beauty and protection in one simple solution. We can help you with the installation, maintenance, or repair of: Fiber cement siding & Wood siding.

     Painting. We pay close attention to details and make sure that nothing is overlooked or missed. We make sure that while we work on painting the walls or ceilings other surfaces in your home don’t get the paint drops, spills or splashes on them and that we don’t bring dirt in.  We carefully cover up, mask, and tape off the areas before we start, to protect the furniture, flooring and other fixtures of your home.  Damages and blemishes in the drywall get patched and fixed before paint goes on. Also, we can help you to paint / staining the fence or deck.

Flooring Contractor

     Flooring & baseboards installation. We pride ourself on customer satisfaction and we stand behind our quality of work and service. With our experience, we are always brushing up on the basics. We know what it takes to get the job done the right way. We help you achieve guaranteed satisfaction through the services we provide. We are specialized in installation: hardwood, engineered hardwood, laminate, LVP, LVT, vinyl planks glue down.

     Pressure washing. We can provide house and concrete power washing quite easily and effectively. This service quickly cleans the surface by pressure power washing. Also, we can provide pressure washing the fence and deck.

     Other projects. If you have some projects that must to be done, like replace the windows trim, caulking around the windows, cut the brunches or anything else, give us a call.

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